January 1, 2021 Cory Hunt-Sapient Sessions w David Phillips, Lisa Currier, Melys Bonifacio.

we bring in the new year with hope for improved conditions and decisions for and by all.
It’s my honor to start this show and year with a segment celebrating the legacy
and what would have been the 29th birthday of Desmond Phillips.
(a family supporter and Justice for Desmond Phillips team member), were kind enough to spend some time with me in David’s home sharing the pain of how Desmond was taken from us far too soon. David Phillips(Demond’s father), and Rain Aliza Scher
In this interview we spoke on who Desmond Phillips was to our unhoused community, what we should remember about him, calls to action around ending “Qualified Immunity”, and much more.
.The second segment will be a sapient session with CNR’s 2019 Volunteer of the year, Mental health activist, Crisis Care Advocacy and Triage (CCAT)representative Lisa Currier-
 Currier shared her intimate knowledge of “the Memphis model ”CIT, incite around peoples’ in mental health distress, some solutions to common misconceptions around mental health, and much more.
The show concludes with a second sapient session.
Bonifacio is a Student, Activist and organizer, who helped co-organize “the (chico)Peoples Assembly” after the police killing of George Floyd sparked local uproar around the percentage of the budget Chico PD was receiving. For this session I sat in the middle of the chico state campus with the passionately compassionate Melys Bonifacio
It was inspiring as they share their thoughts around humanitarianism, the flaws of our police system/need for police abolition, and their experience as a member of Students for Quality Education, you can feel the authentic concern in their voice and its contagious.
Listen in for an informative celebration of a brother who was stolen from our community.
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