May 27, 2020 -- Ashiah Scharaga on her CN&R feature story; Hunger pains amid the pandemic, Abby Mcquire on her under construction Habitat for Humanity home, Erin O'neal on his mutual aid experience, Addison Winslow and MORE!


Remembering Bobby Talk! Erin O'Neil reflects on his Wednesday mutual aid burritoing with Guillermo Mash. Ashiah Scharaga with takeaways from her Chico News & Review feature length essay, “Hunger pains amid the pandemic.” Abby McGuire on her new home being built by Habitat for Humanity. Addison Winslow with takeaways from his role as volunteer coordinator for the Chico Homeless Encampment team. Mutual aid testimonials with Ann Schwab, Chico city mayor. And MORE.

00:00 -- Show theme
01:34 -- Introduction
08:53 -- A shout-out to local reporter Natalie Hanson
13:00 -- Ashiah Scharaga on her CN&R feature story; Hunger pains amid the pandemic

Mutual aid gratitude
33:17 -- Chico City Mayor, Ann Schwab
34:12 -- Paul Boden, Executive Director at Western Regional Advocacy Project 
35:33 -- Bob Trausch

37:59 -- Erin O'Neil with the Poor People's Campaign on Mutual Aid
42:39 -- Addison Winslow, Chico Homeless Encampment Outreach Coordinator

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