Episode 208: The Star Wars Show

May the 4th be with you!


 Headnodic "Funky Star Wars"
 Force 7 "the Force"
 Instant Funk "Dark Vader" on Salsoul Records
 Nhan Solo "Star Wars Cantina"
 Noize Tank "Star Wars Cantina Band"
 Ookay "Star Wars"
 Venetian Snares "Cruel Whole (Abelcain remix)"
 Meco "End Titles"
 Michael Foreshaw "Work That Mutha" on Noodles Organization
 LFO "Helen" on Volume
 John Tejada "When All Around Is Madness" on Kompakt
 Black Dice "Smiling Off (Dfa Remix)" on EMI UK
 Disgraceland "Burning Up"
 Solvent "Think Like Us (Ectomorph Version)" on Ghostly International
 Pluton and Humanoids "World Invaders ( Vocal )" on Environ
 Coburn "Give Me Love (Original)" on Ministry Of Sound
 Campaner "The Old Beat"
 Chus Duran "Zoom (Mark August White-Out Remix)" on BlackOut'77
 Bonobo "Kiara (Cosmin TRG Remix)" on Ninja Tune

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