February 6, 2020 -- Imagining Community Season 1 Finale TEK Missing Indigenous Women with Ali meders-Knight, Jessie Kai, Lorraine Dechter, Lori Moreno and MORE!


1:05 -- Show and guest introduction with Jessie Kai, Ali Meders-Knight, Lorraine Dechter.

03:15 -- Ali Meders-Knight, Traditional Ecological Knowledge overview, native american culture and decolonization.

5:45 -- Jessie Kai, his perspective of the first TEK Training. 

7:30 -- Ali on Ecological zones and more Butte Creek Canyon Ecological Reserve.

9:26 -- Lorraine Dechter on her experience of the TEK workshop.

12:30 -- Ali Meders-Knight the importance of bringing us all together. How are we going to get everyone together to fix this problem. Conversations with Lorraine and Jessie

19:00 -- Native American participation in the 2020 Census

21:16 -- Ali Meders-Knight statement on native and non-native community members on working together to restore our land.

24:00 -- TEK training field recording from January 26, at Butte Creek Ecological Reserve with Ali Meders-Knight. 

27:14 -- Back in the studio with Ali, Jessie and Lorraine

30:00 -- Forward promotion of the Imagining Community Season 1 Community event on February 29th from 4-8pm at the Chico Peace and Justice Center. Movie review with Ali Meders-Knight fundraiser for Paradise High School Students to get their TEK certification. 

35:55 -- Shout-out to Brittany White for her art piece. 

37:30 -- TEK training recording and follow-on in studio conversation with Lorraine and Jessie.

52:18 -- Lori Moreno Native American activist on Native American genocide, missing Native  American women and more. 

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