November 7, 2019 -- Camp Fire looking back a year later.


We lead the show with Jess Mercer discussing her Key Project Tribute #Unlockpossibilities unveiling happening November 8th in Paradise. 

5:35 -- Our main feature is follow-up interviews with Wendy LeMaster, her son Dolan LeMaster and Wendy's partner Ken on their burn lot in Paradise. With in studio commentary and music from Leeya Shaw and her mom, who are also Camp Fire survivors/thrivers. Also featuring the audio portion of the video story created by Without a Roof on Wendy LeMaster's property a few months after the fire.

20:50 -- Leeya Shaw's "Glint of the Butterfly" composition from her Camp Fire CD "Story Under the Leaves" Contemporary piano music inspired by nature. 

26:20 -- We also spotlight the Home and Heart project with founder Sierra Schmidt, a recent MSW graduate of Chico State. 

38:29 -- Leeya Shaw and her mom reflect on the beautiful things that have happened to them the past year. 

44:00 -- Ken talks about his metal detector sweeps and what he sees and feels on the burn lot one year after the Camp Fire.

45:20 -- Dolan LeMaster revists one of his favorite spots, the creek that runs through their property.

47:34 -- Wendy LeMaster introduces her local hero Jose, a young pre-teen who went home to home the day of the Camp Fire warning his neighbors. With Jose and his friend Dolan Lemaster

52:44 -- Closing comments from Leeya Shaw

53:30 -- We end the show with Erin Kennedy, disaster case manager for the Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley. The interview is cut short by about a minute, and you don't want to miss Erin's closing comments! Full interview here >>>

  • 6:09pm The Glint from the Dragonfly by Leeya Shaw on Story from Under the Leaves (Leeya Shaw)
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  • 6:48pm Can't Buy Me Love (2009 Digital Remaster) by The Beatles on A Hard Day's Night (EMI Catalogue)
  • 6:50pm I Should Have Known Better (Remaster) by The Beatles on A Hard Day's Night (Remastered) (EMI Catalogue)
  • 6:53pm Because by The Beatles on Love (EMI Catalogue)
  • 6:56pm Get Back by The Beatles on Love (EMI Catalogue)
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