September 27, 2017 -- Unhomed: Voices of the Unheard with Eric Gee Sr., James Lee Clark, David Andre and MORE


The KZFR 90.1FM Without a Roof Radio Program for Wednesday the 27th at 5pm Pacific -- Unhomed. Voices of the Unheard. A show dedicated to the voices of Northern California human beings in the grips of extreme poverty; the worst form of violence.

00:00 -- Show Theme
01:10 -- Eric Gee Sr. with Death Announcements
03:06 -- Artman performs my name is Artman
03:57 -- Show rundown
04:39 -- James Lee Clark discusses Unhomed: Voices of the Unheard
10:50 -- Excerpts from Unhomed: Voices of the Unheard
21:49 -- Show wrap
22:35 -- Picnic with the Homeless in Discovery Park, Sacramento from April, 2017

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