After 3 years. we're excited to bring the Touch of Chico back to the north state! Come enjoy healing massage, live music, free classes, artisans, delicious healthy foods & more at the Chico Creek Nature Center...
1:14pm, 7-27-2023
Massage, Reiki & Sound Healings oh my!
12:44pm, 7-21-2023
"My first High Sierra Festival was very fun! I’m putting together another special segment of Studio 416 for you on July 22nd..."
11:39am, 7-19-2023
City eliminates $0.35 Credit Card Convenience Fee
3:14pm, 7-11-2023
Don't worry! Thanks to our wonderful programmers, all your favorite Community Radio shows will be broadcast as usual while our GM attends the NFCB Conference.
12:22pm, 6-28-2023
We want to hear from you! The KZFR Board is working on a strategic plan for the future of the station. Please, share your thoughts on what we're doing well, how we can improve, and how best to plan for the future.
11:24am, 6-23-2023
And she plans to bring you interviews with many of the talented musicians performing this year.
12:10pm, 6-8-2023
Recently Susan & Stephen had 20 fifth & sixth graders from Wildflower Charter School on Ecotopia. The kids provided the full hour of content! Listen here...
1:04pm, 6-5-2023
Boston’s modern string band, returns to the north state for a triumphant, virtuosic performance at the historic Chico Women's Club on June 22nd!
12:38pm, 6-5-2023
During the 30+ years of our existence, a wide variety of creative individuals have given much of themselves to keep this independent, homegrown community radio station going strong...
11:36am, 6-2-2023
We’ve done what very few independent stations can accomplish & it's thanks to YOUR support.
12:51pm, 5-22-2023
That's right! Some of your favorite DJs are taking over the Secret Trail Brewery. Join us for some great music, an ice cold beverage and chill with your friends under the AC!
1:36pm, 5-19-2023
We'd be honored if you voted KZFR The Best of Chico 2023. Go to chicobestof.com to vote today!
2:59pm, 5-3-2023
He blends elements of Indian music into his Blues musical and visual presentation, making for a multi-cultural mash-up that sounds like no one else. Don't miss it!
2:42pm, 5-3-2023
You can help guide the Mighty Zephyr into a bright future. Submit your application today...
12:28pm, 5-3-2023
Your Support Puts The Unity In Community Radio!
2:56pm, 4-26-2023
Your donations in action - Just in time for our next heat wave!
5:46pm, 4-25-2023
We appreciate all of the local nonprofits who volunteered during our spring 2023 pledge drive. We couldn't do it without you!
3:38pm, 4-20-2023