December 3, 2020 -- Imagining Community with ChicoER reporter Natalie Hanson plus The Triumph of Joy with Alli Battaglia


6pm "Music and art are the vanguards of change. People need to see the reflection of the society the effects, the inequality and equity, ya know. That comes through the art and gives people something that words can't even do for you." -- Jesi Naomi's Triumph of Joy lead-in to  the new music video WORDS, that she performs lead vocals on. 

6:05pm "The Butte County housing report proves so much of what we were already expecting. The study is remarkable, but it's also very damning." -- Natalie Hanson-Ross Reporter at the ChicoER with a special segment on the affordable housing crisis in Butte County

6:30pm "Along my journey and along my ascension path, it was always those hardships and rock bottom moments that brought me to wanting to be of service, and to walk the path that I walk now. The Triumph of Joy really, really resonated with my journey." -- Alli Battaglia singer/songwriter and etheric healing practitioner

6:50pm "Why do I love acting and singing? Why do I love pretending to be someone I'm not, in front of a room full of mostly strangers, doing something kind of terrifying. You've memorized all these lines, or all these lyrics, and everyone is watching you." -- Ashiah Scharaga reflects on her singing and acting escapades as a lead-in to her impromptu vocal performance with The Bidwells outside her home in Chico.

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