Serving on the board of directors allows you, the listener, the member, and community partner, an opportunity to manage KZFR’s trajectory, community outreach and fundraising activities.
3:10pm, 5-29-2021
Yes we are! Visit our YouTube Channel to learn about the people who put the people, in people powered radio and enjoy some amazing music, too!
5:55pm, 5-28-2021
Catch the encore presentation on YouTube today!
10:22am, 5-17-2021
An inspirational 2 Part Series on YouTube
12:46pm, 5-11-2021
We want to hear from you! It only takes a few moments to complete the survey & you'll be helping to guide KZFR into a stronger, more diverse future. Plus you'll be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Chico Natural Foods gift card.
11:31am, 4-6-2021
Seagull Acoustic Flame Maple Cutaway Guitar. Donated by Tami Early, proceeds support KZFR
12:05pm, 4-3-2021
Free Art from ID International. IDI supports the U.S. Government’s Covid-19 policies to save human life.
5:28pm, 3-30-2021
Fellow KZFR programmers Tim Kemper & Rick Anderson are co-hosting a very special Tribute Show in honor of long term programmer John Dubois Saturday April 3rd 11am-1:30pm during 2 Penny Opera. Tune in to share your memories with family & friends.
1:33pm, 3-29-2021