You Are A Vital Part of KZFR


The programming you value & enjoy on KZFR Community Radio is only possible through the hard work of our volunteers and the ongoing support of people like you. Together we make it all possible.

Everyone at KZFR wishes you & your loved ones a happy 2021!

"KZFR was created by a rag-tag group of people combining their time, skills, and energies over 30 years ago toward a common goal. Our Station has continued to develop and expand since then, bringing in new Volunteers, supporters, and even a small paid staff. The generous volunteers of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and passions who contribute to KZFR’s shared mission in so many countless ways continue to make up the vast majority of our sustaining efforts. Your contributions make the visions we share for KZFR and our broader Community possible. 

Without your individual commitment to making the world a better place, the bigger dreams of society can never be accomplished. From the bottom of the KZFR heart, Thank you & Happy Holidays." 

- Mercedes Macias, KZFR Board President


"Words cannot express how grateful we are to have listeners and supporters who truly care for KZFR.  Thank you for being our friends and being by our side on this 30 year journey, Cheers to another 30 years!" 

- Rick Anderson, KZFR General Manager and co-host of Playing Dead & The Latest Craze


"We wouldn’t be able to be KZFR without our community. When a Programmer receives a call from a listener two worlds are joined together through the power of broadcasting. In these times of quarantine and self isolation radio has been able to bring us together. And the community has kept us strong.

What we the Staff, the Board of Directors, and the Committees do wouldn’t be possible without the listener, the supporter, the streamer, the fundraiser attendee, the Underwriter, and most importantly - the community member.

The North State’s perseverance through the obstacles of 2020 show our strength to undertake the unthinkable while maintaining our humanity to care about those less fortunate. Thank you for bringing light to an otherwise dim 2020. I can’t wait to see what we overcome next." 

- Grant C. Parks, KZFR Production Coordinator / Office Manager and host of Caribbean Dance Radio


"In this unprecedented year of challenges I would like to praise you for your resilience, vision and dedication to making a better tomorrow, no matter how bleak today may look.

Here we are finally at the end of what seems like the longest year ever. I know that uncertainty still lingers, but this year we have shown that together we can shoulder any challenge and emerge stronger, wiser and maintain the positivity that truly makes us who we are. Stay strong Zephyrheads, we've only just begun." 

- Ray Laager, KZFR Underwriting Director and co-host of Facets of Jazz & Playing Dead


"This has been a ridiculously challenging year for all of us. I am proud of all our volunteer programmers who managed to find ways to continue to host their shows and keep each other safe. I am grateful to everyone who contributed during our pledge drives when so many of us are struggling financially right now due to the pandemic. Together we are stronger & can make 2021 a happier, healthier year. Happy holidays to you all."

- Leah T. McKean, KZFR Volunteer Coordinator

It's thanks to your support and the hard work of our volunteers that the Mighty Zephyr stays strong year after year. Together we are People Powered Radio.
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It is with a heavy heart that we send our condolences to the family and friends of storyteller, writer, homeless advocate and KZFR programmer Guillermo Mash. His passing is a huge loss for everyone at the station and our community.
10:32am, 11-28-2022