BOD Agenda - September 8, 2020

Golden Valley Community Broadcasters, Inc.  

KZFR Community Radio Board of Directors  



Board Meeting Date:            September 8, 2020  Location:                               Virtual Meeting   

Commencement Time:         6:00 pm

 Estimated Time  

1.      Meeting Opening

1.1    Call to Order/Begin Recording/Welcome/Attendance

1.2    Amend/Approve Agenda

1.3    Amend/Approve Previous Minutes  

1.4    Public Input/Correspondence

3 minutes

2. Action Items

2.1  Vote to approve $500/month for one year ($6,000/yr) for a weekly half-hour of locally produced, professional news programming (proposed and produced by “The Real Issue Productions”) as an addition to the 2020-2021 FY Budget for KZFR.

2.2  Vote to approve “Document Review Committee” as a permanent standing

committee of KZFR and direct said committee to construct language for an alternation to the Bylaws in order to accommodate this update.

2.3  Vote to approve KZFR Budget for FY 2020-2021 (See Item 4.1)

2 minutes

3.      Staff and Committee Updates

3.1     Staff Reports

3.1.1      GM Report – Rick

3.1.2      Office Manager Report – Grant

3.1.3      Underwriting Report – Ray

3.1.4      Volunteer Coordinator Report – Leah  

3.2     Treasurer’s Report – John


3.3     Committee Reports

3.3.1      Executive Committee

3.3.2      Program Committee (PC)

3.3.3      Community Advisory Board (CAB)

3.3.4      Fundraising Committee

3.3.5      Document Review Committee

3.3.6      News Department Committee

50 minutes  


4.        Matters for Discussion  

4.1     20-21 Budget Review & Voting

4.2     Discussion of Matrix Proposal suggested by NDC

4.3     Strategic and Succession Planning

“All Hands on Deck” Station Meeting – September Date TBD

Diversity Training for Board, Staff, & Programmers TBD

Annual Harassment Training TBD

60 Minutes  

5.      Meeting Finalization

5.1    Review Items for next BOD Agenda

5.2    Meeting close/Thank You


        Next BOD meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 22nd at 6PM via Zoom.

5 Minutes    

   6.       Closed Session

0 Minutes

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