Meet Your KZFR DJ Wk #11

Put A Face To The Voice Behind The Mic

KZFR is shortening the distance in social distancing by giving you, our listeners, a chance to meet your favorite KZFR DJ.  Every day during this campaign, KZFR will feature an on-air DJ with a social media vignette about themself, their radio program, personal interests, and more. This'll give you the opportunity to get better connected with the personalities you wake up and go to sleep listening to. In the time of stay-at-home orders we want our listeners to know that their community radio station is working hard to deliver cutting edge news and information and one-of-a-kind music selections.

We are proud to introduce you to KZFR DJs Brad, Tom L, David S, Dena & Lucia, Jesse, Laurie & Rene...

It's thanks to all our volunteer DJs that KZFR can continue to bring you the unique programming you value and enjoy every day.

Talkin About Practice cohost Brad Feingold - "I was born and raised here in Chico and have had a passion for the local sporting community since I was a kid. I joined KZFR the summer of 2017 as an on air personality with Talkin' Bout Practice. Jarreau and Derek brought me in that year, I had no idea that it would lead to being a programmer with the only locally produced sports talk show in the North State. I have enjoyed my time reporting on our local High School and College athletics throughout the years and look forward to bringing you more North State Updates."

American Pastimes cohost Tom Leonardi - "I’ve been involved with KZFR since before we actually began broadcasting. As he was organizing the station Erik Mathisen asked me to help with his community outreach efforts so I assisted him with public relations and publicity. Then, a week or so before we were set to broadcast, he asked me to program a news show. For six years I hosted “Eco-Updates,” a 30-minute program that focused on local environmental issues. For a brief time Erik and I co-hosted an hour-long “news magazine” and then I joined him as an alternating co-host on American Pastimes. I’ve also served two terms on the Board of Directors. I discovered FM radio in the mid-1960’s when free-form was an acceptable format for commercial stations. Later, I discovered non-commercial radio: Pacifica and college stations. I was captivated by the mix of music and information that these stations produced. They were entertaining and educational. They broadened my horizons and world-view. When the opportunity came to be involved in community radio I jumped at the chance to broaden our listener’s horizons and to bring the world into our community."

Creole Stomp cohost David Samuels - "My home base on the Mighty Zephyr is Creole Stomp, I love all that rich and spicy music from down in Louisiana. Yum ! So good. I very much enjoy subbing in on other shows from the Big Zephyr Juke Box - blues, jazz, country, feral, rock 'n roll, world, native. Then there's the Zephyr Family of DJs, a happy band of hard working brothers and sisters, dedicated to enriching, informing, entertaining and spreading goodness in our North State community and the world. I'm proud, humble and lucky to be part of KZFR Experience."

Beatle Nation, Story Garden & Wonka Radio co-host Dena Kapsalis - "Almost 20 years ago, Liesl Jones & I each had preschoolers who were already voracious readers and lovers of books. As mom's, we were listening members of KZFR and appreciated the time and dedication the station devoted to children's programming. As educators ourselves, we couldn't help but see a place for a literary, thematic show for children as an alternative to screen time, and the opportunity to grow new community radio listeners. Using a toy Mr. Microphone, we recorded a demo for the KZFR Program Council, and that became Wonka Radio. Listeners will remember our closing line: "Where is fancy bred, in the heart, or in the head?" Wonka Radio was heard on KZFR for over a decade on alternating Wednesdays during children's programming. From there, I have engineered for shows created and hosted by both my son, Leo, and daughter, Lucía, and other local kids.These include Story Garden and Beatle Nation - which is heard every first and third Thursday from 7-7:30pm. We've truly grown up in the KZFR family. As a family, community members, listeners, and programmers, KZFR has played a deeply important role in our lives. We believe in people powered radio!"

Peace & Social Justice cohost Pastor Jesse Kearns - "I moved from Virginia to Chico 13 years ago.  My first experience with KZFR was listening to a late night show featuring classic R&B.  The next day I tuned in hoping to hear some more of that R&B but got a Reggae show instead.  I asked around and learned that KZFR was a listener supported community radio station with a variety of programming including great public affairs shows.  About two years into my time here in Chico, I was asked to be on Peace and Social Justice with Laura Avalon. Ten years later, I became one of the co-hosts!  I’m happy and proud to be part of the KZFR family of programmers.  I appreciate the station’s commitment to community and the community’s commitment to the station."

2 Penny Opera cohost Laurie Niles - "I use to phone Tim Kemper on Saturdays when he was hosting Two Penny Opera to either ask who he had just played or offer him a suggestion. Eventually, he asked if I'd be interested in becoming a programmer. In 2002, I completed my programmer certification and joined the community radio, programmer family. Tim and I weave acoustic-based music between our opening song from Darrell Scott "It's A Great Day" to our closing song from the Beatles "All You Need is Love". Everyone from Bill Monroe, Gillian Welch to the Avett Brothers and Langhorne Slim. Hosting 2PO is a unique opportunity to connect with the community (both via the airways and in-person) & share, express or alleviate what's going on around us in life. We've interviewed musicians and forged friendships with some and better still we've created friendships with our listeners. Technically Tim and I alternate hosting the show every other week. Though I think of hosting Two Penny Opera as having a session Opera House and we have some great supporting hosts when our lives get filled that sit in for us (thank you John D and Jack!)."

Latin Brothers host Rene Hernandez - For 22 years, Rene has played a wide variety of latin music for you including his favorite Salsa y Cumbia every Sunday morning.

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