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KZFR is shortening the distance in social distancing by giving you, our listeners, a chance to meet your favorite KZFR DJ.  Every day during this campaign, KZFR will feature an on-air DJ with a social media vignette about themself, their radio program, personal interests, and more. This'll give you the opportunity to get better connected with the personalities you wake up and go to sleep listening to. In the time of stay-at-home orders we want our listeners to know that their community radio station is working hard to deliver cutting edge news and information and one-of-a-kind music selections.

We are proud to introduce you to KZFR DJs JRo, Susan, Guillermo, Amburgers, Sanjay, Peter & Kay...

It's thanks to all our volunteer DJs that KZFR can continue to bring you the unique programming you value and enjoy every day.

Flipside Radio & Talking About Practice co-hosts J Ro -  "I first got involved with KZFR back in 2014. Jake Sprecher invited me to do my first training to become a radio programmer on his show ‘Say Hey’. I thought I was just going to sit in but right as the show began Jake slid a microphone my way and said “you are about to do your first radio show”. I was nervous (and probably terrible) but after that experience I was hooked! Grant Parks took me under his wing and with the support of our GM Rick I began to develop my own radio programs. I now host the longest running hip hop show on KZFR with “FLiPSiDE RADiO” and Chico’s only locally produced sports talk show “Talkin Bout Practice”. My goal when I first started doing radio was to connect with one listener, now both shows have created their own unique community. I cannot thank KZFR enough for the love, support, and encouragement. I found a second family at KZFR and I found my passion."

Ecotopia co-host Susan Tchudi - "I spent thirty years as an academic (professor of English) before retiring from Reno (UNR) to Yankee Hill, CA, to start a farm with my family. One of the first people we met was Sue Hilderbrand, and through her, Steve and I became KZFR programmers. We've aired over 500 shows of Ecotopia, which suits our skills as researchers and educators. Environmental volunteer work (with Butte Environmental Council and Environmental Coalition of Butte County) pairs beautifully with Ecotopia. My son, Mojohito, worked for a time as a KZFR engineer and programmer (the Phatty), which I subbed for a few times. Our farm, TurkeyTail, is thriving under the care of Cheetah Tchudi and his wife Samantha Zangrilli, producing pastured meat (pork and lamb), mushrooms, duck eggs, flowers and herbs. Our retirement has been rich and rewarding, thanks, in part, to the KZFR family."

Without A Roof, Youth For Justice & Studio 416 co-host Guillermo Mash - "I started recording sound waves on a Realistic cassette recorder in my early teens and had my first broadcast gig beneath the waves manning the phones on a U.S Fleet Ballistic Submarine. I was a moonlighting private event DJ, aka Super Sound, in my late twenties. I joined KZFR five-years ago hosting the Peace & Social Justice and Without a Roof radio programs. I tell stories. Audio stories, video stories, photo stories and my greatest passion -- written stories. I turn 60 the 29th of June and will be celebrating with a three-month sabbatical. Fear not Zephyrs! I'll be re-airing some of my favorite interviews and musical guests all summer."

Electronic Phonics & Funky Reservations co-host DJ Amburgers - Music Lover through and through. "I dig up music that feeds your mind, your soul and your taste buds. They don't call me Amburgers for nothing, I'm always putting hot sauce on whatever I plays when it comes to funk, boogie and the right amount of disco. Open your ears, mind and belly, you will be surprised on how good music can taste. The records are always served fresh from my Soul Kitchen!!! Hot 12-inches that I've cultivated from your grandma's garage sale to the hippest thrift shops to the back alley record stores."

Devastation Sounds host Sanjay Dev - "Math is my passion and music is my salvation. How lucky am I that I am in two professions, as a current math teacher at Butte College for 30 years (also retired from Chico State University after teaching for 26 years) and as a dj for 27 years teaching the goodness of reggae music.  Both professions were purely accidental for me. I worked as a math tutor for extra income when I was asked if I would teach and as an avid collector of reggae music, was asked if I would dj. Not sure if I would have wanted to do either at the time, I feel blessed now as I look back.  My radio show was called, “Chooguloogu’s Crucial Cuts” initially and it has been renamed “Dev-a-station Sounds” since 2000. Having collected over 25000 reggae vinyls, I present my show with the rarest and heaviest sounds I can bring with emphasis on esoteric singers. Being a frequent traveler at fifty-five, I have travelled to fifty-three countries, and I aim to tally the numbers to my age. I have generously contributed for social and humanitarian causes, be it in providing scholarships to children, raising funds during disasters, or in logistically supporting schools and organizations. I feel even more lucky to have two homes, one right here in beautiful Chico and other the place I grew up, my beautiful homeland of Nepal."

Not Necessarily Nashville host Peter Ratner - "I had been listening to KZFR since it started, and thought that there wasn't enough country being played.  At the time Pennylee's "Truck Stop Special" was the only country show we had, and she was on at 10pm Saturdays. I had the idea for NNN after hearing James McMurtry's "We Can't Make It Here" , and thought that it was an important type of country song for people to hear.  Over the years I've shifted my focus from country to Americana, and from the more political song to featuring more women artists. I love bringing new music to people, and being on the air is still the most fun I've had with my clothes on."

Mood Swings host Kay Paden - "I grew up in the Bay Area going to concerts and listening to 45s on the Wurlitzer Jukebox in our living room. We had Willie Nelson, Prince, Billy Squier, Leon Redbone, ACDC, Joan Jett, Ray Charles, Patsy Cline, Kris Kristofferson, and the list went on. It was magical as a kid to lift the top up and watch the machinery perform. I also loved to write and dissect lyrics.  A friend recently said she had a dream we were analyzing Thom Yorke lyrics with papers spread out all over the room insistent on figuring out what he was trying to say! Good luck! My love of music inspired me to go to school and work in radio. The reality of no work hit, so I went into education instead with a focus in music. After moving North and learning about KZFR, I wasted no time in becoming a programmer and starting Mood Swings. Shortly after, my very shy 11 year old son started his show, Webster’s Rhythms where he played only Weird Al. KZFR helped him find his voice and as a 23 yr. old young man, he still subs for me! Community Radio is such a gift!"

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