This Corona disease crushes our mountain of Pride

This Corona disease crushes our mountain of Pride.

This disease kills our wild desire.

This disease is a wake-up call from our deep sleep of ignorance.

This disease makes us sorrowful and remorseful from life.

This disease reminds us of death and impermanence.

This disease makes us understand virtuous deeds and sinful deeds.

This disease makes us do retreat and recite mantras.

This disease inspires us to develop love for others with compassion.

This disease is like our spiritual teacher.

This disease is like holy Dharma itself.

This disease is like our persecutor.

This disease makes you very clean and sanitary.

This disease reminds you of your Doctor’s kindness while you were sick.

This disease gave the kind volunteers a brave name.

This disease taught you careful living and traveling.

This disease made you aware of healthy foods and drinks.

This disease made you recognize the cause of happiness and suffering

This disease brings people together.

This disease opened the door of Freedom,

This disease stopped fighting and made peace in the world.

This disease can bring all wealth by transforming negative forces.

May this disease become the cause of enlightenment.

May it pacify all the diseases, negative causes, and obstacles.

May it purify the bad karmas and defilement of sins.

~ by Lama Zenkar Rinpoche (Translated by Bhakha Tulku)

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