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Put A Face To The Voice Behind The Mic

KZFR is shortening the distance in social distancing by giving you, our listeners, a chance to meet your favorite KZFR DJ.  Every day during this campaign, KZFR will feature an on-air DJ with a social media vignette about themself, their radio program, personal interests, and more. This'll give you the opportunity to get better connected with the personalities you wake up and go to sleep listening to. In the time of stay-at-home orders we want our listeners to know that their community radio station is working hard to deliver cutting edge news and information and one-of-a-kind music selections.

We are proud to introduce you to KZFR DJs Steve, Jim, Senior Felipe, Jeff, Ray, Brad & Maria.

It's thanks to them and all our volunteer DJs that KZFR can continue to bring you the unique programming you value and enjoy every day.

It’s Just Jazz co-host Steve Scarborough - "As programmers, Adam & I strive to do more than just spin tunes each Monday afternoon. Our goal is to present highlights from the work of featured artists with enough context to better appreciate their contributions to the development of the music." Join co-hosts Steve and Adam Scarborough each Monday afternoon at 2:30pm as we draw from pioneering recordings to the latest releases to explore the history and the boundaries of jazz. It will do you no harm because, after all, It's Just JaZz."

The Fun House host Jim Howell - "Hi everybody. I've been lucky enough to be part of the KZFR family for almost 24 years. My son Jordy & I anchored Kidzone until he wasn’t a kid anymore, I got hooked up with All Mixed Up & RPM, shared Afternoon Reflux with Ed, subbed on so many shows over the years & landed in The Fun House with Jake. Tom & I share American Pastimes. I have been a music nut forever & I will always be that kid in his bedroom, excitedly playing whatever was new and exciting. Didn’t we all want to be on the radio? I always tell people that I've met the most interesting & fun people through KZFR & I honestly believe it. I thank KZFR & I thank you!"

LA Sounds host Senor Felipe - "I grew up in East LA in the 1950s tuning into the radio every day listening to do-wop, soul, Latin and rhythm and blues by such artists as Etta James, James Brown, Tina Turner, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, gospel music and what I call cholo music, which is basically vocal harmonies from groups that were popular in East LA. In 1966 I was drafted into the Army and sent to the Central Highlands of Vietnam as a medic with the First Cav. Surviving that I came back to East LA, first going to East LA College and then going to Cal State LA and I began listening to a community station in LA called KPFK, which is a non-commercial, listener-supported, community radio station a lot like KZFR and I was also listening to KPPC, also a non-commercial radio station out of Pasadena City College. I went over to the KPPC one night in 1971 and got to know Johnny Otis, who I got to spend some time with and who encouraged me to do a radio show. In 1972 I left LA for a job as a social worker in Ventura. 1975 I left Ventura to go to Chico State for grad school and I also started making Senor Felipe’s Salsas in 1980, which I did for 25 years. During that time I heard about a new radio station looking for programmers. That station was KZFR. In early 1991 I went over to KZFR to see about becoming a DJ. I was told to put together a demo tape. I did that and dropped it off at the station and I had to make a quick trip to LA to visit my parents. I came back to Chico on Sunday night and there were several messages on my answering machine telling me that I start Monday. I’ve been doing “LA Sounds with Sr Felipe” every week ever since."

The Random Pick host Jeff Howse - "Greetings to all KZFR listeners! It has been a privilege to host The Random Pick every Thursday afternoon for over 25 years. What started as a dream of mine as a young child was realized when I joined the KZFR family. My show is a spontaneous mix of music featuring different genres, bands and eras. It's been a main source of inspiration in discovering music new and old. The name was inspired by randomly pulling records from a crate and has been a creative outlet for my love of vinyl records. Starting as a young child discovering my mom's Beatle's and Elvis 45's to my Kiss obsessed teen years, records have always been a main area of interest. KZFR has allowed me the freedom and creative flexibility to share some of my favorite music. Much appreciation goes out to KZFR members, fellow programmers and underwriters whose collective efforts make KZFR possible and allow radio dreams to come true."

Facets of Jazz, Playing Dead and Butte Views & Beyond host Ray Laager - "My involvement in radio began as a Freshman at William Penn College in 1972, first as a DJ, then as Music Director in the small Iowa town of Oskaloosa. In 1991 we were looking at moving to Chico from Sonoma County, and one morning stumbled upon KZFR and heard Kosmic Kev talk about the new film ‘JKF’. After his analysis I to turned to my wife and said, "I think we can live here". I’ve been involved with KZFR for over 20 years. I expanded my love for jazz while living in the Bay thanks to KJAZ. During the Spring Pledge Drive of 1998 I volunteered to answer phones for "Facets of Jazz" and soon after became a sub thanks to the encouragement of Lisa Boyd. Being a lifelong 'Deadhead" and having attended over 200 Grateful Dead concerts, I began covering some the spots on "Playing Dead" and not long afterward worked into the regular rotation. It is a pleasure to being able to share my passion for this music with others and I am eternally grateful. 'You make my life so sweet.'"

Studio 416 co-host Brad Petersen - "I used to sleep with my transistor radio as a kid, I’ve always loved radio, I got certified at KZFR in 2009 and co hosted Basically The Blues a few years until the station offered me a Saturday afternoon live music interview show, I named it Studio 416. I still love doing it today."

Audio Fix host Maria Olson - "KZFR has been a part of my life since I moved to Chico in 1991. KZFR felt like such a cool, local secret. I became infatuated with The Random Pick, Run the Gamut, 2-Penny Opera and Face the Music. I kept listening and got to know Radio Detour (Barbara Manning’s amazing show), Woody & Friends, Bohemian Express, Celt Radio, and All Mixed Up. Then came Beatle Nation, Sunday Papers, Radio Daze, and Revolutions per Minute. I rely on Democracy Now! as my main news source. Ecotopia, The Real Issue, and Without a Roof keep it real and keep it local for us. By now you can see I drank the Kool-Aid a long time ago! I love how KZFR constantly delivers, but is ever-changing and evolving. I caught the radio bug in 1988 when I was in Portland, Oregon at Lewis & Clark College for a summer program. They had a decent music library and they let me DJ a few times on the college radio station! Fast forward to 2007 when I made the leap and became a programmer on KZFR. I subbed a few times, and then started Audio Fix in early 2008. I was so nervous and terrified at first, but now I can’t imagine not having Audio Fix to keep me engaged and listening to alternative and independent music so I can pay it forward on the airwaves. I alternate with my friend Kay who does Mood Swings. It is a great Sunday rotation! I have met so many amazing people through KZFR. Thank you all for being part of my community!"

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