Bodyworkers @ The Touch 2017

KZFR's 16th annual Touch of Chico Bodyworkers

The Touch of Chico is a family friendly, holistic health event offering a wide variety of healing bodywork. All the therapists listed below are volunteering their skills at this benefit event*. We appreciate them all!

Especially Diane Suzuki, who has put in many volunteer hours organizing these wonderful bodyworkers.

For a $1 a minute, you can experience a variety of healing bodywork under the beautiful cedar trees of Bidwell Park at the Chico Creek Nature Center on Sunday, October 1st, Noon-6pm with one or more of the following folks (in alphabetical order)...

The Acu-Punks
Michelle and Ellie from Chico Community Acupuncture will be offering acupuncture to Touch of Chico. Chico Community Acupuncture is part of POCA People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture which provides affordable acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to the community.

Cornelia Coppock
She gives Intuitive Massages, using techniques such as Reiki, Cranial-sacral Therapy, and Swedish Massage. Her goal for each treatment is to remind your body how to relax so that your body-mind-spirit can be in balance.
Ksa Curry
She is a graduate of the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy. With training in Western Techniques, Myofascial Release, Reiki, and Thai Yoga Massage, Ksa is passionate about the impact that bodywork and simple human touch can have on others

Toni Crans 
Deep Tissue, Prenatal Massage, Swedish, reflexology, Injury massage, cranio-sacral therapy, Structural Bodywork and Trigger Point Therapy. Specializes in headache reduction and low back and sciatica pain.

Elizabeth Daniels
Happy Feet Refloxology - Foot and hand massage with use of essential oils, reiki and sharing “insights” into what’s ”ailing you” or “what’s out of alignment/balance”. She works with ‘you’ AND your ‘inner you’ to bring you back into balance. 

Linda Fleischman
She brings her many years of experience as a Reiki Master to the community.

Lisa Furr
Blissful Soles - "Imagine a descent into Pure Bliss beginning with the Ritual of the Foot Bath, bubbling and vibrating, infused with Lavender.   With the aid of energy tools keeping you grounded, diffused Essential Oils fill your breath as you lay suspended, floating in an anti-gravity chair and encompassed in a blanket of peace, while enjoying the Art of a caring and trained Reflexologist. Your stress will lift as you drift into Well-being and Bliss!"

Ken Hanson 
Stress Less, Smile More  Relaxologist - Blended Swedish/Lomi Lomi style is perfect for stress reduction. Free your mind, body and spirit with either the standard 2 handed massage or the 4 handed mirror style. Both will bring relief to your aching body and relentless stress leaving you feeling lighter, happier and at peace.

Janice Hoffman
Ki Massage - Ki is another word for the energy flow that sustains life. As a Ki Massage practitioner, Janice integrates this focused energy flow with her rhythmic, dance-like method for deep relaxation and healing. Janice received her training and certification in Dublin, Ireland many years ago and is just recently offering her services again in the Chico area. [email protected]

Laurie Howard
27+ yrs. experience as a wholistic CMT  with a variety of modalities to offer an intuitive, warm, compassionate, and personalized approach to your overall wellbeing whether for relaxation, rehabilitation, or rejuvenation.

Pyramid Michael  
Health-E-2 Graceful Healthcare, Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Cranial-sacral Michael has many years of experience in the healing field.

Shigemi Minetaka
Teate (Japanese) to place hands on, "treatment" (for injury, sickness, etc.)  Reiki healing and energy balancing.

Adam Moes, Lac 
Working to provide the highest quality Chinese medicine for Butte County since 2002. He offers custom Chinese Herb formulas, pediatric as well as adult tuina and acupuncture in both community and private settings. He can be reached at 530-828-2589 or at 

Jenny Odegard, CMT
Licensed massage therapist since 1999. Some of the unique modalities Jenny offers are Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (for those who like it deep!), Mayan Abdominal Massage for reproductive and whole body wellness, and advanced Manual Lymph Drainage. She also offers general relaxation and deep tissue massage for pain relief and sports recovery.  At the event she will be offering head, neck and face massage for TMJ, headache relief, sinus congestion, stress reduction - and for your relaxing pleasure!

Beth Petta
She offers a healing and intuitive touch; skilled at listening to clients and to the subtle language of their bodies. She offers a mix of modalities including deep tissue, myofascial release, soft tissue release, Lomi Lomi and trigger point release.

Mahara Renay
Essential Harmony and Grace - Will be offering Terra CPTG (Certified Pure Theraputic Grade) Essential Oils in conjunction with learning some Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Flows (Acupuncture Without Needles) to Harmonize the Emotions of Worry and Fear; "Harmonizing Chaos" and Balancing Right and Left Hemispheres of the Brain, Grounding, and Trust  and Energy Healing *  Intention Deeksha (Oneness Blessing) *

Rain Aliza Scher
Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Therapeutic and Relaxation

Austyn Shirley
Working Class Massage offers therapeutic massage services in our office or in your home! Focusing on recovery from surgery and injury as well as chronic pain management, Austyn provides a custom massage experience to meet your specific needs and goals.

Beth Sisk
Acupressure, Myofascial release, and Tuina 

Diane Suzuki 
Enhanced Health - Shiatsu, Reflexology, Myofascial Release and other blended therapies. Her specialties are Prenatal massage and End of Life Massage care. She practices at American Chi Center in Chico. 

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