June 15, 2022

  • 7:30pm Rudie Bam Bam by Clarendonians on Ska Sounds, Vol. 1 (Vantage Music)
  • 7:32pm Climb the Ladder by Bob Marley & The Wailers on Climb the Ladder (MERLIN - Studio One)
  • 7:34pm Freedom Sounds by Soul Brothers on Ska Sounds, Vol. 2 (Vantage Music)
  • 7:36pm by on ( )
  • 7:38pm Cleopatra by Roland Alphonso on Ska Parisienne (Rapier Music)
  • 7:41pm Ska La Parisienne by The Skatalites on Foundation Ska (MERLIN - Studio One)
  • 7:43pm Don't Try To Reach Me by The Gaylads on Ska Sounds, Vol. 2 (Vantage Music)
  • 7:46pm There's A Reward by Joy Higgs and Roy Wilson on Ska Sounds, Vol. 1 (Heaven And Earth Music)
  • 7:49pm Timothy by The Skatalites on Ska Parisienne (The Music Shed)
  • 7:51pm Live Good by The Ethiopians on Ska Sounds, Vol. 2 (Vantage Music)
  • 7:54pm Green Island by Don Drummond on Ska Sounds, Vol. 2 (Vantage Music)
  • 7:54pm by on ( )
  • 7:57pm Mr Talkative by The Wailers on Ska Parisienne (Rapier Music)
  • 7:59pm by on ( )
  • 8:07pm Chase the Devil by Max Romeo & The Upsetters on Lee 'Scratch' Perry & the Upsetters: Super Ape & Return of the Super Ape (Sanctuary)
  • 8:14pm by on ( )
  • 8:14pm Roast Fish and Corn Bread (Jamaican Mix) by Lee "Scratch" Perry on Roast Fish and Corn Bread (Jamaican Mix) (WMG - Trojan Records)
  • 8:15pm by on ( )
  • 8:19pm Corn Fish Dub by The Upsetters on Island Presents: Dub (UMG - UMC (Universal Music Catalogue))
  • 8:20pm by on ( )
  • 8:21pm Children Of Jah/Time To Unite by The Chantells, U. Brown on Reggae Roots Explosion, Vol. I (Rasta Reggae Records)
  • 8:28pm by on ( )
  • 8:35pm Rights Declared by Johnny Clarke on The Aggrovators Present: Johnny Clarke (BELIEVE - Aggrovators)
  • 8:35pm Dub Dedication by The Aggrovators on The Aggrovators Present: Holy Dub (BELIEVE - Aggrovators)
  • 8:35pm by on ( )
  • 8:38pm Every Man Ought To Know by Max Romeo on Open The Iron Gate 1973-77 ( )
  • 8:41pm Ghetto Funk by Various Artist on Darker Than Blue: Soul From Jamdown (Universal Music)
  • 8:44pm by on ( )
  • 8:47pm Sacrifice by Gregory Isaacs on Reasoning With the Almighty (WMG - Trojan Records)
  • 8:51pm Reggae Rhythm / It's Gone Internationally by Horace Andy on Good Vibes (WMG - VP Records)
  • 8:54pm by on ( )
  • 8:56pm Thunderstorm by Abyssinians on Satta Dub (Deluxe Expanded Edition) (ORCHARD - Tabou 1)
  • 8:56pm by on ( )
  • 9:00pm Sky Ride by King Tubby;Morwell Unlimited on Dub Me (Universal Music Brasil)
  • 9:02pm Bow Fisherman by The Congos on The Power Of The Trinity: Great Moments In Reggae Harmony (Shanachie)
  • 9:08pm The Gorgon (Extended) by Cornel Campbell on The Gorgon (Extended) (ORCHARD - Alexander Music Group)
  • 9:13pm Top Ranking by Johnny Clarke on Creation Rebel (WMG - VP Records)
  • 9:16pm Give Thanks and Praise by Sylford Walker on Burn Babylon (walkyahwalk records)
  • 9:18pm I Remember by Errol Mais on Jah Bible (Tad's Record)
  • 9:18pm Nuh Ha Nutten Dub by King Tubby on The Rare Collection (Goldenlane Records)
  • 9:20pm by on ( )
  • 9:24pm Sleeping Trees by Nina Soul on Feel Like Jumping: The Best of Studio One Women (MERLIN - Studio One)
  • 9:29pm Give Love Another Try by Claudette¬†McLean on Studio One Women (Soul Jazz Records)
  • 9:31pm by on ( )
  • 9:33pm Starvation on the Land by Nadine Sutherland on Starvation on the Land (56 Hope Road)
  • 9:33pm by on ( )
  • 9:37pm Roots Man by Senya & The Wailers on A Collection of Reggae Greats from 17 North Parade (Impact!)
  • 9:37pm by on ( )
  • 9:45pm O Jah by Yvonne Sterling on O Jah (ORCHARD - Don Paul Records)
  • 9:46pm by on ( )
  • 9:46pm Soulful Backdrops for Breakfast Dates by Hotel Jazz Deluxe on Majestic Bossa Saxophone - Ambiance for Family Meals (Music Merchants Ltd)
  • 9:46pm by on ( )
  • 9:47pm O Jah by Yvonne Sterling on O Jah (ORCHARD - Don Paul Records)
  • 9:48pm All I Can Say by Love Joys on Lovers Rock / Showcase (ORCHARD - Wackies)
  • 9:56pm I Am A Geddion by Sister Nancy on One Two (Techniques)
  • 9:59pm Disappearing Act by Mike West on New South (Squirrel)
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