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Tom Leonardi | KZFR 90.1 FM CHICO
Tom Leonardi
"I’ve been involved with KZFR since before we actually began broadcasting. As he was organizing the station Erik Mathisen asked me to help with his community outreach efforts so I assisted him with public relations and publicity. Then, a week or so before we were set to broadcast, he asked me to program a news show. For six years I hosted “Eco-Updates,” a 30-minute program that focused on local environmental issues. For a brief time Erik and I co-hosted an hour-long “news magazine” and then I joined him as an alternating co-host on American Pastimes. I’ve also served two terms on the Board of Directors. I discovered FM radio in the mid-1960’s when free-form was an acceptable format for commercial stations. Later, I discovered non-commercial radio: Pacifica and college stations. I was captivated by the mix of music and information that these stations produced. They were entertaining and educational. They broadened my horizons and world-view. When the opportunity came to be involved in community radio I jumped at the chance to broaden our community’s horizons and to bring the world into our community."