Healers @ The Touch of Chico 2023

Thanks to all the volunteer bodyworkers we have a wide variety of styles of healing available for you to try at the Touch of Chico this year!

You don't want to miss it. Sunday, Sept 17th at the Chico Creek Nature Center

All of the Bodyworkers & Healers are listed in alphabetical order. Scroll down to learn more about each practitioner and what they will be offering at The Touch this year for $1/minute. 

  1. Kristiana Afrasiabi Vibrational Medicine/Sound Baths
  2. Amy Alward Emerge Guided Healing
  3. Grace Ashworth Ethereal Massage Multi-faceted bodywork offerings
  4. Julia Carriker Chico Holistic Wellness Center Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial, Trigger Point 
  5. Jeanne Christopherson Essential Massage Swedish, Reiki, Shiatsu
  6. Jennifer Conlin American Chi Center acupuncture
  7. Cornelia Coppock Various massage modalities; Lymphatic Drainage, aromatherapy
  8. Maria Corrales Persimmon Healing Medical Massage and Myofascial Release
  9. Robert Dresden Myofascial release
  10. Kevin Durkin Kozmickev Vedic Astrology Readings
  11. Victor Estrada Hands in Motion therapeutic, sports, acupressure
  12. Aaron Fetty Chico Massage School Lead Instructor deep tissue, myofascial, neuromuscular
  13. Linda Fleischman Reiki Instructor
  14. Jon “Odie” Hall CMT
  15. Ken Hanson Stress Less Smile More Swedish/Lomi Lomi
  16. Alisha Hall Chico Holistic Wellness
  17. Alyson Hill Reiki Trauma informed approach
  18. Jessa Holland Deep Tissue massage and Swedish
  19. Laurie Howard Experienced CMT-Intuitive
  20. Mandy J Oracle readings and Conscious Parenting
  21. Jason Jacques Access Consciousness Bars
  22. Dayana Jackson CMT many different modalities of massage and wellness
  23. Ell Jaramillo Knead Massage Therapeutic body and Energy work/Tarot card Readings
  24. Elizabeth Kanavel Usui Shiki Ryoho
  25. Baba Kauna renowned local mystic
  26. Rakel Kieding Compassionate Inquiry Professional
  27. Gayle Kimball Chakra Balancing and mini-readings
  28. Dexter Lindo EQ-librium massage Diverse therapeutic modalities
  29. Christine Mascarenas Reiki Chico Body-Wise Collective
  30. Shawna McGuire Peace, Love and Massage -Deep Tissue, Lymphatic
  31. Jane Miners Chico Holistic Wellness Center
  32. Beth Petta Intuitive blend of modalities, trigger point release
  33. Black Roze Drum Circle leader
  34. Sheryl Sanchez Heavenly Herbs & Acupuncture
  35. Austyn Shirley Sports massage, chronic pain management
  36. Shannon Shocknesse Crystal Healing and integrative massage
  37. Beth Sisk Over 30  years of multiple modalities
  38. Brae Weil-Sisk Chico Body-Wise Collective-Tui Na, somatic integration, tao yin
  39. Pia State Vibrational Healing
  40. Diane Suzuki Enhanced Health acupressure, myofascial release
  41. Johanna Thamas Herbalist and student of Ayurvedic medicine
  42. Andre Valentino Williams Acupuncture
  43. William Warfield Fire cupping practitioner
  44. Steven West Naturopath
  45. Justina Wright Just Amazing Massage specializes in Deep tissue massage

Descriptions Of Styles:

Kristiana Afrasiabi is a passionate, dedicated, and trained Tantra yoga teacher and sound healer. She believes in embracing holistic approaches to healing, and empowering individuals on a journey of self discovery and inner harmony. A practicing nurse for over a decade, has recently begun to study ancient ayurvedic practices, with the intention of integrating these two modalities to provide comprehensive care. She aims to share her knowledge of tantra yoga and vibrational medicine, while drawing upon her nursing background, inspiring others to embrace holistic wellness. At the Touch of Chico, she will be offering one on one, or small group sound baths, information about classical tantra and some of the traditional practices that are specific to this lineage, such as mantra, mudra, yantra, kriya, and ceremony.

Grace Ashworth Offering shiatsu, deep tissue, lymphatic, sports/PNF, prenatal, myofascial, Swedish & cupping.

Julia Carriker is a very talented new massage therapist in our community and someone who is quickly making a reputation for herself as a healer. She is keen on seeing to the root of the issue and working out the cause as much as soothing the symptoms. With her experience as a yoga and dance instructor she can help discover movement patterns and alignment issues that play a role in pain and discomfort. Julia also has a passion for helping those with emotional trauma that has manifested as physical pain. Her areas of focus include deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial, trigger point, relaxation and other modalities to create healing sessions specific to each client. She currently practices at Chico Holistic Wellness Center.

Jeanne Christopherson Essential Massage 40 years experience in Full body massage (Swedish/Esalen), Energy balancing, healing (Reiki/Jin Shin Jyitsu), Assisted stretching (Yoga/Dance) & Acupressure (Shiatsu). I work thoroughly, without pain, addressing your present needs.

Jennifer Conlin I have been a healer and body worker for nearly 25 years. My path in this field began as a Massage Therapist and transitioned into Acupuncture 13 years ago. Working with the human form and energy has been a significant Love of my life. I am fascinated with our bodies and our capabilities and I find a lot of joy in the interaction I experience. Recently I have also opened my heart to being a Life Coach. This is a new adventure for me and one that I know I will fall deep in Love with as well. I believe that we are here to find joy and happiness despite the chaos surrounding us. I continue to develop this awareness and skill in myself and now I find a tremendous amount of gratitude that I get to share that awareness and understanding with my community while guiding others along their path. We are always learning, growing and shifting. Whether through Acupuncture or Life Coaching, being welcomed on to another’s journey is always a blessing in my life and allows me to further enrich my own personal experience.

Cornelia Coppock is a 1986 graduate of The National Holistic Institute. She gives massages that give her clients the opportunity to relax the mind, body and spirit using various modalities including Reiki, Swedish, Acupressure, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Aromatherapy. Anyone dealing with stress and anxiety can benefit from a massage from her.

Maria Corrales of Persimmon Healing specializes in Medical Massage and Myofascial Release. Practicing for 16 years, Maria’s specialized training enables her to provide lasting relief and rehabilitation for those with complicated histories of injury, pain, and limitation who have not found lasting relief elsewhere. Maria spent her early adulthood rehabilitating and studying non-human primates, studied yoga in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, practiced acrobatics and Crossfit for several years, and most recently spent three years abroad living in Tibetan Buddhist communities learning about the nature of the mind. Her varied background combines to create a unique understanding of our inner and outer forms which are reflected in her unique healing offering. Meet with Maria, share what you are experiencing in your body, feel her touch, and learn what she may be able to offer you.

Robert Dresden Together, with your input and my years of experience with various touch modalities, let's create a session tailored to your particular needs. Integrating Swedish Massage, Traeger, Gentle and Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Shiatsu/Accupressure and Polarity Energy Balancing since 1979.

Victor Estrada Hands In Motion. I practice therapeutic massage, sports massage and acupressure techniques.

Aaron Fetty CMT, has been practicing massage and teaching it since 2000. He is the lead instructor at Chico Massage School. He uses his deep knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology to help identify and address the core issues that are causing his clients’ pain. Aaron will be offering therapeutic massage, blending deep tissue, myofascial, neuromuscular, sports massage, and also relaxation techniques on the table. He’ll also be offering chair massage for those that prefer it. He’s excited to help!

Jon “Odie” Hall Bodywork by Odie I have dedicated my life to strengthening, improving and healing the human body. I have been a yoga teacher for 6 years and a certified massage therapist for 2 years. I have been working my whole life to understand my own body, in turn, so I can help others with theirs. I find so much gratitude and joy that my passion has led me to such a rewarding career. 

Ken Hanson, of Stress Less Smile More, has been doing intuitive massage since the late 1980's. He will be offering a combination of Swedish and Lomi Lomi full body massage in a privacy tent. more info at: stresslesssmilemore

Alyson Hill After earning a degree in Psychology, Alyson realized the importance of the mind-body connection and went on to complete massage school in 1996.  Since that time she has developed a greater awareness of energy and became a Reiki practitioner in 2019. Alyson believes in a trauma informed approach to create a safe, healing space for clients.  

Jessa Holland has been a certified massage therapist for 3 years! I specialize in deep tissue and  Swedish massage. My  passion is to bring spiritual, mental and physical healing to my clients. 

Laurie Howard CMT is a certified massage and body therapist who studied and received certifications from various holistic healthcare institutions such as Esalen and the Institute of Educational Therapy in Berkeley Ca., which focused on physical, emotional and movement therapies. Laurie combines her 30+ years experience as a CMT, with a variety of techniques and modalities to offer an intuitive, compassionate and very personalized approach to your overall health and wellness. "I love to work with people of all backgrounds, ages and stages of life, whether for relaxation, rehabailitation, or rejuvenation".

Dayana (Diana) Jackson I received my massage therapy certification from Phillips School of Massage in Nevada City, Ca in 1997. I also attended Chico Massage School in 1997. I continued taking classes and have training in many different modalities of massage and wellness. I worked at East West Acupuncture in Chico with Micheal Turk for over 5 years and had my own office in downtown Chico. In this office I had a side business where I made homemade lotions and potions, also  items I sewed... I currently have an office at Chico Wellness Center in downtown Chico, Ca. I took a big break from massage and a few years ago felt the calling to return. I am honored and blessed to be providing relief to those in need and assisting beings on their healing journey.

Jason Jacques will be offering Access Consciousness Bars at Touch of Chico this year. He took a class on practicing this treatment, after receiving his own first( bars) treatment. "I was hooked!!" It starts with intentional energetic clearing and then he lightly touches and holds 32 points on the head.  Access Bars is a gentle touch point technique that creates relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety. 

Ell Jaramillo a certified massage therapist based in Chico, CA, is the skilled practitioner behind Knead Massage on East 5th Ave. Specializing in therapeutic body and energy work, Ell blends modalities like Reiki, myofascial technique, ashiatsu, and deep tissue to provide relief from chronic pain. Excitingly, Ell will be offering massage, and tarot card readings at Touch of Chico, creating a holistic haven for wellness seekers.

Mandy Jay is a conscious parenting expert, feminine embodiment coach and intuitive healer. She assists mothers in breaking generational trauma cycles by holding the loving space for them to explore their wounds and heal their inner child along with practical tips on how to relate to children using a gentle parenting framework. Mandy will be offering intuitive oracle readings and will also be available to answer questions about parenting, feminine embodiment, intimate relationships, and living a conscious lifestyle. 

Elizabeth Kanavel is trained in the Usui system of natural Healing, also known as Usui Shiki Ryoho at the San Francisco Reiki Center in San Francisco, California. Her training was in first and second degree, completed in 2021, and she has been working at the Shalom Free Clinic every Wednesday evening from 5-7pm to give Reiki since Spring of 2022.

Rakel Kieding I am a graduate of the Compassionate Inquiry Professional Training with Dr. Gabor Maté, and am an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified PCC (Professional Certified Coach). I use Compassionate Inquiry to explore and unpack trauma, and also to integrate psychedelic experiences for people undergoing ketamine treatments (KAT) and other psychedelics treatments.  I have 17 years of experience coaching people with a wide range of struggles.  Deep attunement, presence, creativity and faith in the process are pillars in my work, while foundationally I rest in love. I will be offering 20 minute 1:1 sessions on site.

Gayle Kimball author of “Calm: How to Thrive in Challenging Times” and “Calm Parents and Children,” etc. practitioner Gayle Kimball, Ph.D., will provide mini-readings and chakra balancing. More info on www.gaylekimball.info 

Kozmickev began studying astrology and tarot in 1982. He began chart analysis and doing readings in 1983. Originally mentored by Alex Zoltaire in 1983. Kev's studies in western evolutionary astrology continued under Steven Forrest. Since 2010 Kev has practiced vedic astrology "jyotish" under the guidance of Komilla Sutton and has been certified as a vedic astrologer after completing a 3 year study In 2021. Kev is featured on, KZFR with his daily forecast m-f at 7:30 am, as well as a weekly sign by sign western forecast on you-tube Kozmickev100. Kev will be sharing his knowledge through readings at Touch of Chico.

Dexter Lindo owner of EQ-librium, is a nationally certified Massage Therapist with over ten years of experience. He acquired 1,500 hours of education from a state accredited program that included various massage and healing modalities such as Swedish, Therapeutic, Sports, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Myo-fascial, Pregnancy, Reflexology, Shiatsu and Tui-Na. Dexter also attended Emperor’s College Graduate School of Traditional Oriental Medicine studying acupuncture and herbal medicine. His diverse knowledge allows him to customize each massage to the unique client needs. As a therapist, Dexter brings balance and harmony to mind, body and spirit through his nurturing therapeutic touch and positive energy. 

Shawna McGuire of Peace, Love, and Massage has been doing massage therapy since 2011. She offers a number of modalities including lymphatic and deep tissue massage.

Jane Miner Chico Holistic Wellness Center's vision is to be a "one stop shop", offering a wide array of healing services so that as a whole, may contribute to a healthier, happier, community. The center is a women-owned and women-run collaborative dedicated to creating a health and wellness center that provides unique opportunities for holistic healing, growth and connection. The center offers massage, Reiki, a full-service apothecary, sound healing, mental health services, chiropractic care, yoga, a variety of classes and more. more info at: chicoholisticwellness.com

Beth Petta’s massage therapy offers an intuitive and unique session for each person, every time! With a blend of deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point release, you will leave your session with less pain and stress. 

Sheryl Sanchez, L.Ac., owner of Heavenly Herbs and Acupuncture of Paradise for over 20 years, will be providing brief acupuncture treatments to attendees.  At Touch of Chico, people can choose between ear acupuncture or a combination of acupoints on the hands/feet lasting approximately 15 minutes. Besides Chinese Medicine, Sheryl is trained in homeopathic and naturopathic medicine, amongst a few other phytotherapy modalities.  She uses a combination approach of these natural medicines, including food or diet therapy, to educate patients on how to help themselves heal. more info at: heavenly-herbs.com

Austyn Shirley trained as a Certified Massage Therapist fourteen years ago in Denver, CO. Working with a variety of clients and conditions he has developed a massage style that eases the pain and stiffness of auto accidents, as well as sports and general injuries. In addition, he specializes in chronic pain management, TMJ release, and managing migraines. With over 3,500 hours of massage time he is confident he can help you with your needs and get you back on track for living a life that is pain free. Work Comp and Personal Injury cases accepted.

Shannon Shocknesse CMT. Offering integrative massage and crystal healing. I enjoy helping clients release stress, feel lighter and energetically brighter. I have been a massage therapist since 2005, trained in Swedish, Reflexology, Acupressure, Prenatal, Lomi Lomi, Reiki, Body-Being Energy Balancing and Crystal Healing.

Brae Weil-Sisk is a queer gender non-conforming visual, performance and healing artist. A certified massage therapist and the owner and sole practitioner at Embody Alchemy, they offer integrative bodywork and movement therapy.  Their bodywork style includes: Tui Na massage, Acupressure and Chi Nei Tsang techniques, which are all based in Classic Chinese Medicine and Taoist 5 element traditions. Brae combines manual massage therapy with energetic psycho-emotional balancing and somatic integration through movement and touch. They are one of the co-founders of Chico Body-Wise Collective, a new community hub for embodied and relational practices through embodiment and the arts. At Touch of Chico, Brae will be offering bodywork and a short workshop on qi gong (energy work through movement) and tao yin (self massage). more info at: chicobody-wise.com

Pia States Vibrational Healing Using the power of various tuning forks has the ability to create a resonance through the body, mind and emotions and help you find the Still Point allowing for the body to work on its own healing. You will feel a sense of total relaxation and restore balance and perfect harmony of your whole body.

Diane Suzuki of Enhanced Health has 30 years of massage therapy experience in shiatzu -acupressure, myofascial release and reflexology. Her specialties are in pre-natal and end of life therapeutic care Her healing approach is intuitive, integrative, relaxing and supportive. "Well-being is the natural state". For this year's Touch of Chico she will be offering tuning fork therapy on acupressure points. She has been co-organizing the Touch of Chico for the past 7 years. 

Johanna Thamas is an herbalist and student of Ayurvedic medicine. She manages Media Noche Botanicals where she is passionate about crafting personalized herbal blends that honor a woman’s unique rhythms, helping them find a balance between activity and rest, body movement, healing, and nourishment. She offers herbal consultations anchored in Ayurvedic philosophy that target the root causes of disease. She is currently immersing herself in the Maharishi Ayurveda Pulse Diagnosis Technique. The MAV Pulse Diagnosis Technique is a traditional method of Ayurvedic medicine used by practitioners to assess an individual's health by experiencing the quality of inner intelligence within the individual. She can provide individualized lifestyle, diet, and herbal recommendations. Her understanding of Ayurvedic, Western, and Meso-American herbal practices enriches the herbal blends and consultations, creating a harmonious fusion of ancient wisdom for modern well-being.

Andre Valentino Williams was born at Enloe and has lived in Chico his entire life. Over the last decade has been studying acupuncture under the supervision of two of the greatest orthopedic acupuncturists in the United States. His love for anatomy and helping people was the drive behind specializing in chronic pain. His mother refers to him as the “Dr. House” of acupuncture because he loves cases that are stubborn and that other health care practitioners cannot solve. He is a father and a teacher and values his community here in Chico. 

William Warfield is a fire cupping practitioner dedicated to holistic well-being. Trained by an orthopedic acupuncturist, William has learned the art of fire cupping with a particular emphasis on addressing common ailments like muscle pain, sports injuries, and stress-related tension. Cupping is also a therapy that can be used to relax the mind and body. His sessions promote relaxation, release tension, and enhance vitality. William wants to empower individuals to stay active and live life with reduced pain and enhanced mobility."

Steven West A former school teacher, naturopath, regular wellness columnist for three daily newspapers as well as a long time health/ wellness radio talk show host for KPFZ radio. I practiced and taught massage since 1974.

Justina Wright CMT licensed since 2011. She has worked in a local spa in Chico for about 6 years and currently owns and operates JUST  AMAZING  MASSAGE.  Her training includes Swedish massage, deep tissue, sports, chair , prenatal, hot and cold stone massage , cupping, chakra and bowl  therapy, and lymph node draining. She specializes in Deep Tissue Massage.  "Body healing is something that comes natural. Once I learned the body and its functions, a light turned on in my body and I knew this is something that I was called to do. Enjoying being a Healer is AMAZING.

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