You Have The Power

A message from our Interim General Manager Grant Parks...

"I'd like to thank everyone who has been a part of our 31 year journey on the airwaves and also to everyone who just discovered KZFR. This station is a unique grassroots, independent radio station made possible by listeners and contributors like you. The heartbeat of KZFR is the listener and community member. 

You make it possible for KZFR to fulfill our mission to enlighten, entertain, inform and educate.

KZFR was no exception to the obstacles presented by COVID-19, and it affected every part of the organization. To the listeners, programmers, committee members, board of directors and unfortunately our finances, as well. 

Our concerts at the Chico Women's Club are vital to the survival of our fellow musicians, provide a stress relief to the attendees and create a sense of togetherness before we truly knew how vital it was. 

In addition to the funding that KZFR receives from Underwriters, pledge drives and fundraisers, we receive a large portion of our operating budget as a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and like most grants, these grants have requirements.

Without the income generated from our fundraiser's, KZFR is at risk of losing our CPB Grant. All of the funds generated from our Silent Summer Pledge Drive will go towards meeting those requirements and securing that CPB grant. 

You have the power to help KZFR stay on the air for another 30 years. Thank you for tuning into KZFR and for considering making a contribution during this pledge drive."

It's thanks to your support and the hard work of our volunteers that the Mighty Zephyr stays strong year after year. Together we are People Powered Radio.
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It is with a heavy heart that we send our condolences to the family and friends of storyteller, writer, homeless advocate and KZFR programmer Guillermo Mash. His passing is a huge loss for everyone at the station and our community.
10:32am, 11-28-2022