Power Up the Mighty Zephyr

We Take Emergency Preparedness Seriously

To better serve you and our community during emergencies we need to purchase a back up system for the studio. This will keep KZFR on the air during fire season, rolling blackouts & whatever else 2021 decides to throw at us. You can help make KZFR The Mighty Zephyr even more self sufficient, independent & prepared for future emergencies we may have to face together. 

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With a reputation for energetic live shows, Slocan Ramblers return to the Chico Women's Club for a KZFR fundraiser on April 18th...
Their volunteer time keeps independent community radio going strong which in turn gives everyone in our community a chance to be heard. Musicians, Activists, Artists & YOU!
12:41pm, 4-15-2024
Thanks to some generous festivals you could get passes as your thank gift! Call (530) 895.0131 now for details.
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