Meet Your KZFR DJ Wk #8

Put A Face To The Voice Behind The Mic

KZFR is shortening the distance in social distancing by giving you, our listeners, a chance to meet your favorite KZFR DJ.  Every day during this campaign, KZFR will feature an on-air DJ with a social media vignette about themself, their radio program, personal interests, and more. This'll give you the opportunity to get better connected with the personalities you wake up and go to sleep listening to. In the time of stay-at-home orders we want our listeners to know that their community radio station is working hard to deliver cutting edge news and information and one-of-a-kind music selections.

We are proud to introduce you to KZFR DJs Ras Nebru, Ginger, Kevin, Rebecca, Cohen, Drew, Clay...

It's thanks to all our volunteer DJs that KZFR can continue to bring you the unique programming you value and enjoy every day.

Open Soul Radio host DJ Ras Nebru - "Music is everything to me. Music is a Universal language. It's been my passion since I was a teenager. I grew up in East Africa listening to lots of drums & cultural music. When I was introduced to Jazz, R&B and Blues I developed a music passion and wanted to become a musician and a DJ. I like all kinds of music. Open Soul Radio means a lot to me. Being a part of KZFR is an honor. It's a powerful tool that connects me with my community. My type of music is Reggae but on my show I play hip hop, funk, R&B, Roots Reggae and many more. If the music has a good message it's my type of music and I can't wait to play it on the radio."

Radio Active host Ginger Nichols - "I've been a programmer at KZFR for nearly 10 years. Throughout my years of programming I've had the privilege of watching myself grow up and mature into the 15 year old that I am today. Through the years I have made many self discoveries that I share with my listeners. My goal is share my joy, positivity and enthusiasm for life. I do my best to apply the same principle to my choice of music. From 80s rock to modern jams I aim to keep the good vibes rollin’. I hope you enjoy my show! Tune in Tuesday’s at 6:30pm!" 

Writing On Air host Kevin Cook - "I moved up to Chico for school, and got extraordinarily lucky with finding KZFR. I even managed to stumble upon this community gem just before Grant started doing the training for new programmers. I got started right away and decided to do a show that wasn’t just music based. So I developed Writing on Air, a forum meant to celebrate writing. As I see it, the show is like a picture frame, and the guests bring the art. Check back on my profile page and Youtube Channel (Writing on Air) for the newest shows, or email me to be on the show ‘[email protected]’. Enjoy the broadcast!"

The Wheel host Rebecca Senoglu - "I started listening to KZFR when I moved to Chico in 2001. I work as the Cancer Support Program Coordinator at Enloe, and I’m also an ordained minister. I’ve performed a lot of weddings and funerals for this community, I served on the Chico Area Interfaith Council, I volunteer for Safe Space, I stand at the Saturday Peace Vigil, and I’m also a Quaker. So it is easy to understand why I love “People Powered Radio!” Since 2011, I’ve had a growing mission to raise awareness about all the ways we as individuals and as a community could do a better job of preparing for death. Some have called it “the most important conversation we never have.” I’ve done trainings and presented workshops and formed a network, but it often felt like I was preaching to the choir. I was getting nudges that I should have a radio show on KZFR to reach a broader audience. I produced some shows for Sue on the Real Issue, and realized I really like it! It took me a couple of years, but now I host The Wheel: Considering the Mysteries of Living and Dying on the 5th Thursdays of the month at 6 p.m. I call myself “your local voice in the international movement to bring death out of the closet.”  My goal is to keep the show entertaining, informative, and encouraging. I always feature stories of real people, usually locals, in the segment called This American Death.  I mix in poetry and music. You can follow my Facebook page at The Wheel Mysteries or look up Rebecca Senoglu on SoundCloud to catch old shows. I believe in the power of community and in the importance of community radio. KZFR is more than a great music station, it’s also a powerful megaphone. I hope you’ll put the 5th Thursday at 6 on your calendar. I’d love to have you join the conversation."

Left Of Passage host Cohen Morano - "My show Left of Passage (previously Right of Passage) came from my pal Oliver Maes and I wanting to start a show that could be seen as a contrast to the other music being played on the station. Although Oliver has moved onto other things (such as a radio show at UC Davis), I continue to try to push the ranges of what is on local radio by constantly changing up what music gets played and trying to bring attention to genres that are under represented on the air waves. Although the show is only three years of age, I hope it continues to grow and evolve into new territory and continues to avoid being pinned down by any previous expectations of it. Are those bold claims for a radio show run by a 19 year old? Definitely. But does the show deliver? Probably not."

Revolutions Per Minute host Drew Traulsen - "I've loved music since I was a toddler.  My dad always had oldies radio on and I developed a deep appreciation for R&B, rock-n-roll, rock and all of their related derivatives. In 1977, I bought my first record ('Alive II' by Kiss). In 1979, I bought my first punk records (the Clash's 'Give 'Em Enough Rope' and 'Never Mind the Bullocks' by the Sex Pistols) and I was spellbound and immersed myself in the Southern California punk rock scene.  Punk rock changed my life.  Since then I have worked in college radio (KUCI 88.9 FM), worked at Zed Records, published my own fanzine, run my own record label, designed flyers/album covers/t-shirts/stickers, booked and promoted shows and managed a North American tour. I came to Chico in 1994 for school and never left (eventually writing my Master's Thesis on punk rock!). I started at KZFR in 2008, doing a rotation of the All Mixed Up show and the weekly KIdzone! show with my youngest daughter.  Since 2012, I have been the weekly host of the Revolutions Per Minute show (on Saturday’s at 7:30 PM) where I play alternative, indie, punk and obscura. Don't be scared...join me some time."

Miles Ahead, Miles Behind co-hosts Clay LaFaro Ellington - "I've been hosting Miles Ahead And Miles Behind for over 20 years now! My love of jazz started with Duke Ellington as my first concert. I value creativity and originality in music. Whether that's a compsistion from Thelonious Monk or a John Coltrane solo. It is all ear candy to me. I've been co-hosting with my friend Bill Bathurst for 6 years now. He lived the jazz life in the 40s, 50s, and 60s and has seen and met the greats like John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis. He brings a staggering amount of jazz knowledge to each show. KZFR is the quintessential definition of creativity and originality. My life has been helped tremendously by being associated with it." 

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