Remember That Great KZFR Show at the Chico Women's Club!

Remember That Great KZFR Concert at the Chico Women's Club?

We do! We remember them all! It's amazing how many great benefit concerts we've enjoyed together at the Chico Women's Club. 

Not having the proceeds from our benefit concerts has definitely made our budget tighter. However thanks to your pledges of support during our recent shelter-in-place spring drive we are actually doing alright for now. The lights are on and power is flowing to the tower broadcasting the eclectic music, local news and public affairs programs you value.

When this pandemic is behind us, KZFR plans to host more great concerts at the Chico Women's Club. Just you wait! In the meantime, check out this "Banana Grape Stomp" film, by KZFR programmer Bill DeBlonk, highlighting some of the concerts we've enjoyed together. KZFR General Manager, Rick Anderson, is interviewed by host Molly Parks introducing songs by Poor Man's Whiskey, Greg Loiacono, Melvin Seals, Hannah Jane Kile and Old Blind Dogs.

"Banana Grape Stomp" #32 film highlighting some of KZFR's benefit concerts

Everyone at KZFR is grateful for your support. Together we are people powered radio.

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All year long KZFR is thankful for you! Thanks to you this community radio station has become a valuable and rare community resource. Listeners, supporters, programmers & committee members. You make it all possible and we are grateful all year long.
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