Thursday, September 30, 2021 -- Tuscan Water District Public Hearing, spotlighting District 2 Supervisor Debra Lucero. Musical guest the the North State Symphony with Music Director Scott Seaton


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"We still have a lot to go in this process. The LAFCO approval stage is a new beginning." -- Debra Lucero, Butte County Supervisor for District 2

Highlights from the Tuscan Water District public hearing held on September 28th during the Board of Supervisors meeting. 
 Includes the all of the comments Supervisor Lucero made after the public input portion concluded. With Commentary by Guillermo Mash.

"Supervisor Lucero represents the district I live in. I applaud and appreciate the hundreds of hours she has dedicated towards reseaching this issue and educating the public on the nuts and bolts. Her efforts greatly enhanced public awareness and input on the TWD which is precisely what a supervisor should be doing for the benefits of their constituents, particularly when District 2 comprises the bulk of the proposed TWD map." -- Guillermo Mash

With musical guest the North State Symphony, including a show ending interview with Music Director Scott Seaton. 

This audio is no longer available.