Thursday, July 1, 2021 -- A Without a Roof 6th year anniversary special and Imagining Community with Jim Brobeck and Ali Meders-Knight

"Money doesn't make anyone any humbler Bill, ok. And that's what's wrong in this world, we're judging things that are certainly nice, and certainly get us along. But they are not the important things believe me." -- Peggy Mash

My dear mom provides the nucleus for how we can live a life of sacrifice and gratitude for others. Be they dearly departed houseless neighbors such as Tyler, Harley, Smurf, Jasper, Et al. Or neighbors like Elana, Wallis and Steve who, against gargantuan odds, wrestled their poverty stricken addictions to the ground under a roof!

The two things all our guests share in common tonight, at 6pm Pacific on the six-year anniversary of the premier of the KZFR 90.1 FM Without a Roof radio program are: being perfect, and being heroes. Streaming live at
"If you have a roof be grateful." -- Guillermo Mash

00:00 - 42:00 -- Without a Roof
42:00 - END - Imagining Community

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