June 3, 2021-- Imagining Community with Sheridan Noelani Enomoto on our relationship with water, Allen Harthorn Friends of Butte Creek, and Guillermo Mash reflecting on IC coverage of the Indigenous community

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"I am really grateful for water. Water is definitely a teacher. It's about learning and being humble, a humble student of water, and understanding that water is relationship. That we are part of a watershed, that we have waters inside of us and waters around us, and that is not a coincidence." -- Sheridan Noelani Enomoto

00:00 -- Water so Deep with an introduction by Jesi Naomi

02:56 -- Guillermo Mash with show introductions/reflecting on covering indigenous stories for Imagining Community since November of 2019

04:24 -- Sheridan Noelani Enomoto's wisdom and passion for water, and Run4Salmon 

11:12 -- Guillermo Mash reflects on Sheridan's words and dedicates her segment to Jim Brobeck, Water Policy Analyst with Aqualliance. Leads into a performance of Flow by Jim Brobeck next to a Vernal Pool in Sycamore Channel, Chico, California

14:56 -- Guillermo finishes up his reflection on covering Indigenous stories for Imagining Community leads into the audio from Karuk Climate Heritage from Karuk Media

27:00 -- Allen Harthorn, Executive Director of Friends of Butte Creek, details the three main solutions points that FoBC are working on. A true deep dive into all things Salmon and how FoBC is making a difference in the Butte Creek Watershed.

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