Thursday, October 1, 2020 -- Imagining Community with ChicoER reporter Natalie Hanson and Camp Fire thriver Carrie Rauch -- Triumph of Joy with Alli Battaglia and Mr. Joy, Bill Kurnizki with daughter Anna

“Please check on your neighbors. Please keep in contact with your neighbors. We’re loosing power, we’re loosing wifi signal. Some people have no life line to others. Please keep an eye on your neighbors.” — Natalie Hanson-Ross

Imagining Community with ChicoER reporter Natalie Hanson discussing fire impacts on marginalized Ridge community members. Carrie Rauch shares powerful insights on the frightful stress Camp Fire thrivers are enduring as clouds of smoke and ash descend on the town of Paradise. 

A #TheTriumphOfJoy spotlight  on Bill Kurnizki, Board President of Chico Housing Action Team and a joyful sneak peek with Etheric Healing Practitioner Alli Battaglia. 

00:26 -- Alli Battaglia Etheric Healer, performing  New Song
03:32 -- Show introduction
04:29 -- Natalie Hanson, reporter with the Chico Enterprise Record
26:53 -- Carrie Rauch, long time Magalia, California resident. 

34:37 -- Anna Kurnizki, the daughter of Bill Kurnizki this months Triumph Joy feature
47:50 -- Bill Kurnizki
52:36 -- Alli Battaglia, this months Triumph of Joy teaser

11:30pm, 4-22-2024
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6:30pm, 4-22-2024